Public And Private Sector Partnerships Vital For Future Mena Agriculture Industry, Says Expert


Leasing land abroad, corporate farminglikely to increase investor appetite, Emirates Investment CEO says ahead of Agribusiness Outlook Forum

Dubai, UAE, 02 March 2014:Investments in research, science, and technology will lay the foundation for improved agricultural productivity, reduced waste and a healthier and safer food supply in the Middle East and North Africa(MENA) region, an investment expert has said.

Syed Tariq Husain

Syed Tariq Husain, CEO of Emirates Investments Group, will address delegates about prioritising investments to achieve sustainable agricultural growth at the Agribusiness Outlook Forum in Dubai.

Syed Tariq Husain, CEO of Emirates Investments Group in the UAE, said thatrobust investments in agricultural research and development from the public and private sectors are vital for the ongoing growth of the food industries in the region.

“Both public and private sectors need to identify research policies, choose the best technologies to improve productivity in a particular location, and develop investment strategies for expanding agribusiness and infrastructure,” said Husain, a headline speaker at the Agribusiness Outlook Forum, part of AGRA Middle East, which takes place from 25 to 27 March at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“Countries such as Saudi Arabia havemade mistakes in the pastby investing in projects like wheat and cattle farming which are highly water intensive and not sustainable. We need to explore alternatives, for example investing in agricultural land abroad or leasing land to a professional who can manage it more efficiently with better practices.”

According to Global Harvest Initiative’s 2012 Global Agriculture Production Report, food demand in the MENA region is expected to grow at 2.14 per cent by 2050. Husain said that regional countries need to prioritise their investmentsinto products, and key geographical locations that are sustainable in order to achieve food security in the region.

He added: “MENA countries can succeed in conducting cost effective policies to achieve sustainable agricultural growth by forming strategic partnerships with countries in the Central Asian Republic, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey. These countries are easily accessible and have strong transport links to ensure a constant and efficient supply of produce.”

This forecast is backed by a comment made recently by George Eustice, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Farming, Food and Marine Environment in the UK stating not only can the UK export food to the UAE, but it can also help the emirates when it comes to agriculture.

“We have a lot of expertise in these areas, everything from irrigation systems to developing new strains of plant and wheat that are high yielding and rely on less water, and it may well be that we can share some of that expertise.” said Eustice.

Husain will join an impressive line-up of regional and international agricultural experts at the Agribusiness Outlook Forum,focusing on key issues surrounding the mounting food import bill for the GCC, which is forecast to reach US $53.1 billion by 2020 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

His presentation will explore howagricultural opportunities, such as corporate farming – large-scale farming with greater economies of scale to large producers – can attract more investors, and will evaluate the different financial options to help minimise risk.

“Corporate farming in the Middle East region is only a small part of the industry which is currently made up of smaller scale farming with fragmented land holding,” said Husain.“If we can move toward corporate farming, have larger farms, have something which is suitable for the geography, then it will attract investors as long as there is a defined, profitable demand for the product.”

The Agribusiness Outlook Forum is a feature of the opening day of the three-day AGRA Middle East exhibition, the region’s only event covering agribusiness, poultry & livestock, fishing & aquaculture, floriculture & horticulture and agricultural machinery & supplies.

A major highlight of the 2014 edition is theAGRAme Awards, recognising individuals, departments, teams and organisations that have contributed to the growth and development of the agricultural industry with focus on best practices and innovative approach. Continue reading

Taiwan’s Only Biologicsand Biosimilars Industry Gathering Returns in 2014

Taiwan’s Only Biologicsand Biosimilars Industry Gathering Returns in 2014

Recognizing the country’sgrowing importance as a key biologics player, IMAPAC will bring together, for the second consecutive year,  players from the Taiwanese and international biologics and biosimilars industry at the Biologics World Taiwan 2014 conference(taking place from 25-27 February 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan).


Biologics may be among the most expensive psychotherapies, yet there is a growing demand for these specialty drugs as they continue to outperform in the global market, delivering novel treatment alternatives for a variety of diseases. The government has unveiled the availability of a $1.9 billion biotechnology venture capital fund, which is a bold move to make Taiwan a significant player in the global biotechnology development.With a strategic location, favourable economic climate, strong government support, technological leadership, and a pool of world-class researchers and experts, Taiwan’s potential to be a leading biologics leader cannot be ignored.


A number of Taiwanese developed biologics drugs are entering into critical stages of developments – clinical phase II and III – and are expected to launch by 2015; for the second year in a row, IMAPAC is proud to play a part in the thisdevelopment by organizing the ONLY biologics industry gathering in Taiwan!


Biologics World Taiwan 2014’s distinguished panel of speakers will share information and debate issues relating to opportunities and challenges facing Taiwan’s Biologics Industry, biobetters and novel biologics development in Taiwan,vaccine development in Taiwan, biomanufacturing upstream best practices, biomanufacturing downstream best practices, operational excellence and PAT, and much more.


Key speaking faculty at Biologics World Taiwan 2014 include:


·         Chang Yi Wang, Chairperson & CSO, UBI, USA and Taiwan

·         RachoJordanov, President and CEO, JHL Biotech, Taiwan

·         Jimmy Zhang, Managing Director, MSD Early Investments, Merck, China

·         Youe-Kong Shue,  President and CEO, OBI Pharma, Taiwan

·         Carl Firth, CEO, Aslan Pharmaceuticals, Taiwan           

·         Kevin Yang, VP of Drug Manufacturing and Process Development, Meridigen, Taiwan

·         Dr W.F. Huang, Professor, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan

·         Dr Karen Wen, Founder and President, Mycenax Biotech, Taiwan

·         YarivHefez, Vice President Business Development and Alliance Management, Biosimilars, Merck Serono, Switzerland

·         Dr Juine-Ruey Chen,  Head of R&D, Adimmune,Taiwan

·         Changlin Dou,  Chief Technology Officer/Sr. Director,  LuyePharma Group Ltd, China

·         Kang Li, Head of Biologics, Beigene, China                  Continue reading

KEME-2013 (The Kitchen Equipment & Technology Exhibition Middle East 2013)

The hospitality and catering industry is set to get the perfect recipe to boost growth, a Kitchen Equipment Exhibition that is a first in the region.

The inaugural Kitchen Equipment and Technology Exhibition will be held at Expo Centre Sharjah and is set to provide easy access to latest kitchen essentials to the region’s hospitality and catering industry

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“It is a known fact that about half of the hospitality sector’s revenues in the region come from the food and beverage service segment. The Kitchen Equipment and Technology Exhibition Middle East – 2013 will provide the sector with a great opportunity to source cutting-edge, innovative kitchen technology to cater for a multi-ethnic population and the millions of tourists who arrive in the country.

The show takes into account the rise in demand for food storage, preparation and handling technologies & products, which is fuelled by the fast-expanding hotel and hospitality market in  UAE.

The exhibition will be the right sourcing point that will help you choose new kitchen technologies and equipment from leading manufacturers and dealers from across the world.

The show will also feature the Chefs’ Corner to Spice Up “The Kitchen Equipment & Technology Exhibition Middle East – 2013” featuring  live demonstration (focusing on training & technology) powered by International Centre for Culinary Arts – Dubai (ICCA), A Ronai LLC, Rational, Winterhalter, etc..  The industrial Catering sector is widely spread across the globe with huge potential and will be discussed & presented by Chef. Collin Campbel of Abela & Co and will present the current trend and what improvements are recommended in INDUSTRIAL AND CATERING EQUIPMENT. Continue reading