KEME-2013 (The Kitchen Equipment & Technology Exhibition Middle East 2013)

The hospitality and catering industry is set to get the perfect recipe to boost growth, a Kitchen Equipment Exhibition that is a first in the region.

The inaugural Kitchen Equipment and Technology Exhibition will be held at Expo Centre Sharjah and is set to provide easy access to latest kitchen essentials to the region’s hospitality and catering industry

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“It is a known fact that about half of the hospitality sector’s revenues in the region come from the food and beverage service segment. The Kitchen Equipment and Technology Exhibition Middle East – 2013 will provide the sector with a great opportunity to source cutting-edge, innovative kitchen technology to cater for a multi-ethnic population and the millions of tourists who arrive in the country.

The show takes into account the rise in demand for food storage, preparation and handling technologies & products, which is fuelled by the fast-expanding hotel and hospitality market in  UAE.

The exhibition will be the right sourcing point that will help you choose new kitchen technologies and equipment from leading manufacturers and dealers from across the world.

The show will also feature the Chefs’ Corner to Spice Up “The Kitchen Equipment & Technology Exhibition Middle East – 2013” featuring  live demonstration (focusing on training & technology) powered by International Centre for Culinary Arts – Dubai (ICCA), A Ronai LLC, Rational, Winterhalter, etc..  The industrial Catering sector is widely spread across the globe with huge potential and will be discussed & presented by Chef. Collin Campbel of Abela & Co and will present the current trend and what improvements are recommended in INDUSTRIAL AND CATERING EQUIPMENT.

The coffee industry being a huge market worldwide, a coffee Workshop will add flavor to the already trending Exhibition. The workshop is supported by Marco Beverage Systems & Extreme International General Trading and will be by Mr. Gautam K.S (a member of the Judging panel at UAE & India Barista Competition). The workshop will Touch base the basics and maintenance of the equipments.

For those looking for the best kitchen electrics, tools, technology and how to use them properly, the Chef’s Corner will be the right place to visit.


  • An opportunity to directly source equipment from world’s leading manufacturers and dealers.
  • Region’s first single-point sourcing platform for the hospitality & catering sector.
  • Launch of new products, services and technology.
  • Opportunity to meet, network, develop skills, knowledge, ideas, and find new business opportunities.
  • Technical presentations on food safety, catering operations and food preparation.
  • Designs and plans to spruce up kitchens with better technology and cutting-edge tools.